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Our offices and ordering are now closed until Aug 1, 2019 when we will begin taking orders for the new school year.

Please make sure to review your NOTICE BOARD for important updates!

We have a small support staff to answer your email questions in June and July.

Thank you and enjoy your summer!

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These are some important policies. Click to read each item. Once read, you can mark it so it goes away.
All read items can still be found on our information pages. See all policies on our Policies page.
Special Needs

While EMH is a fully inclusive PE program that is open to students with special needs, the child must be able to function in the class without hampering instruction or requiring assistance from the PE instructor. If directed by an individualized education program (IEP), EMH can provide one of our Adapted Physical Education instructors for one-on-one lessons or have the instructor assigned to shadow the student during a regular PE class. APE services must be approved through the child's homeschool charter and contracted with us before this service can be provided. 

Please see our APE Services page for details


Please note that makeups might be offered on your original purchase, or there may be a fee. If EMH Sports cancelled your original class, makeups are always no charge.

When we offer a makeup day for a cancelled class, you will need to respond "yes" or "no" if you were on the roster. Please respond to the notice on our website. That way we can get an accurate headcount and generate our makeup roster. 

Day Passes will need a new date if you did not attend. Please ask for a remake.

If we extend a class to 90 min as a makeup, the extra 30 min is only included if it was part of your purchase. Otherwise you can play for 60 min.

Additional details are on our Makeup product and Policies page.


Cancellations must be received in writing (email) and must list the reason, name(s), month(s) and location(s). Please do not tell your coach or school and assume that we got that information!

There may be a fee to cancel, depending on whether or not the sport has started and how many dates were held, whether or not you attended. You will be charged for those dates if your school does not pay us.

If your school pays, we will need to discuss billing and credit options with you.

If we cancel your class, you may always ask for a new class, month, credit, etc. at no extra charge.

Please see our Cancellations page for details.



We will always try to contact our coaches and families if weather is bad in your area. If we know within an hour of class that it will not be held, notices will be posted and emails sent. We always try to hold class if possible, and this may mean that you do not get a notice or that the notice goes out late.

We also have a rain hotline that you can call to listen to a recorded message. If there is a lot of rain, we may get backed up in our notices. Please check the website first, as that is our top priority!

Makeups will be announced within the week if we cancel.



Our coaches try to take roll as soon as the class time begins. Please be on time, as late arrivals are a distraction to the class and your family may have to wait until a water break to get checked in.

If you are not on our roster, it could mean you have to call our office or pay a fee for the day, so please check before coming to the park.

If you cannot attend a date, you do not need to tell us in advance unless you are asking for a makeup.

If you are going to miss a lot of dates, or a lot of people are going to a field trip or event, please contact us!


EMH Sports is not a drop-off program. If you are going to leave the park or the class area, or if you are in your car which is not visible to the coach, please sign in and out in the sign-out book and let another parent or coach know where you are going in case your child needs you.

Late fees will be collected for late pickup if our coach has to stay and wait for you.

You may send your child with another parent if your forms are all signed by you and your child is clear. Children who are not clear will have to sit out if you are not there to help register them.

Older children who can take themselves to the park must have a special release form from our office first.



EMH Sports does not tolerate bad behavior from our students, parents, or coaches. This includes...

  • swearing
  • disrespectfulness
  • bullying
  • bad-mouthing
  • pushing
  • stealing
  • rough-housing

We appreciate when someone notifies our office of any problems right away so we can stop it before it gets worse.

 We want a safe and fun enviroment!

Dress Code

EMH Sports requires proper dress: no sandals, bare feet, dangerous or loose items, no bare midriff or revealing clothes or offensive sayings. Your child may be asked to sit out or change if dressed improperly.

Team Levels

It is our goal to provide at least 2 coaches whenever possible. Classes with very small enrollment may have one coach and combine children for drills or games, or we may ask for parent help to split the group.

Team breakout depends on attendance, and is by age not ability. In most cases we want your child to play with kids their age, even if they excel at the sport. Please contact us with concerns, thank you!