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P.E. Class Dates

Use the search box to find your park location. Type slowly, then when your park series appears, click on that name.

Not all sports meet at the primary park. Sometimes we have to use a different location for a certain sport.

*Please do not show up at a park location without registering. You must place an order for each sport.

**Please keep in mind that the dates may change due to inclement weather. If we postpone a class, it will be posted on the rain page and a makeup day will be posted on the makeups page. An email confirmation for each sport class will be sent before the class begins and will include the session dates. If you do not receive a reminder please check your status page to make sure your registration is complete.

Holiday Schedule
(no classes)

  • Sept. 5th  - Labor Day
  • Nov. 24, 25th - Thanksgiving Break
  • December 19th-January 1st - Winter Break
  • April 14th - Good Friday
  • May 29th - Memorial Day

*These are the only dates we take off for holidays. Please be advised that EMH may have classes on some non-school days. Please check your park page for exact dates.

 Classes that are postponed due to inclement weather or other reasons will have a notice on the park page. We also have a Cancellation Page that lists all parks that are postponed. We will try to send an email if we can, so please check your spam folder!

Our P.E. Classes

Our PE classes are for ages 3-18.

This is our typical lineup of sports for our PE classes. Most sports run 4 weeks, once per week. 

Dates and sport offerings may vary in your area due to holiday schedules and park availability.
Please check your class page for exact schedule.

  • Sept - Soccer
  • Oct - Flag Football
  • Nov - Softball
  • Dec - Kickball
  • Jan - Basketball
  • Feb - Nerf Dodgeball
  • Mar - Volleyball
  • Apr - Track and Field
  • May - Soccer

June-August EMH regular PE classes will not be offered so that we can focus on special offerings like clinics and sports camps.

Click here for Pricing details on our classes.