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Am I Registered?

EMH Sports registration consists of the following steps...(click each one to see details)

Once you do all of the above, we will process your order and your students will be placed on our roster. Please check your Status Page to see the status of your registration.

Green flags  indicate that your child can play, and red flags indicate that something is still pending. Your registration could be delayed for several reasons...

  1. Did not place an order with our website - please do so immediately, since this is the only way we can place your student(s) on our rosters.
  2. Missing or incorrect AP Forms - permission forms are required and must be signed by a parent or guardian. Errors or missing information require a new form.
  3. Did not request funds from your school - getting funds sent from your school is your responsibility and you need to talk to your facilitator so that we can get the necessary paperwork.
  4. Funding from your school is delayed - some schools take awhile to process requests. You can pay a deposit if you would like to participate while you wait.
  5. Ordered late and did not pay a rush fee - Preorders should be placed two days before your class. Orders the day before or day of class requires a rush fee if you want to participate that week.
  6. Ordered during a heavy ordering period - If our ordering department gets a lot of orders at once, we prioritize for the next day. All orders will be processed before class but it may be up to the last hour.

If you have any questions or need to change an order once it is placed, please contact our office. Email is best. We will try to respond within 24 hours.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy our program!

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Ordering Help

Click to read each item. Once read, you can mark it so it goes away.
All read items can still be found on our information pages.

Is your order a RUSH for today, tomorrow, or Monday?

Any orders placed the day before or day of class, or which need to be processed over the weekend or on holidays, will be subject to a RUSH fee. We need time to process orders and payments and let our coaches know how to prepare for their teams. All orders, checks, vouchers, purchase orders, and all other required forms must be in our office 2 business days before class in order to avoid additional fees.

If your school is late paying, you must make a deposit!

RUSH FEES WILL APPLY AS FOLLOWS (click for details):


You must use PayPal to pay the Rush fee.

You can order at any time during the previous sport without incurring any late fees. We even have a discount if you prepay by the 20th!

Registration Process

Before you can sign up for classes, you need...

  1. a personal account
  2. student profiles
  3. AP Forms

Once you have created all of those you will not need to do it again, and all of the details will autofill.

When you are ready to place an order for classes, please...

  1. log in to your account
  2. select an item from the Order page or the order menu
  3. When all your purchases are in the cart, proceed to checkout and choose your payment method

ALL STUDENTS register in this manner, even if your school is paying for classes. If you are using school funds select "School Funds/P.O." as payment type during checkout. You will also be able to pay by check or money order, or use Paypal for a credit card or bank transfer. 


EMH Sports offers discounts for earlybird orders (by the 20th of prior month), bulk orders (4 or more months) and ordering for 3 or more siblings.

  • In most cases, discounts cannot overlap.
  • Each product has it's own discounts listed with the product, so be sure to read all the details about your desired discount.
  • If using school funds, only certain discounts are available, and a deposit is required.

See More About Our Discounts

Payment Options

School funds or personal funds may be used to pay for your order. We also take personal checks, money orders, PayPal, credit cards and bank transfers through PayPal. Please do not send cash by mail or try to pay the coaches. We do not take registration and payments at the park; everything must be handled in advance through our website.

Though the procedure for getting your school funding may be different for each school, an order must always be placed with us on our site by you (the parent or guardian) or your child will not be on the roster! School staff cannot place orders for you. All they can do is have payments sent.

Click here to read more about Payment Options

Click here to read more about School Funding

You may order as many months as you wish in one order, then select your payment method at checkout.

You may pay in installments if you make a deposit.

Once we process your order and clear payment, your child will be placed on the roster. Please make sure you check your status page for either red  or green  flags, and if your child is not clear please contact our office, request funds with your school, and/or pay any required fees before coming to class - our coaches are not able to handle registration questions or look up your accounts at the park!

Paypal users:

You must select "PayPal" if using PayPal for any part of your order. If some items are paid for by a different method (e.g. school funds or check), make a Price Adjustment before you check out to adjust your total down to the correct PayPal amount before you check out. MAKE SURE YOUR TOTAL IS CORRECT BEFORE YOU PROCEED TO PAYPAL.

Easy Re-Ordering

For your convenience we provide the ability to re-order a previous order. You can only re-order orders placed during the same school year since prices and details may change.

Clicking the Re-Order button in your order history page (My Orders) will place all of the items from that previous order in your cart.

You will then be able to edit or remove the items in the cart. If you are regularly placing complex orders this may save you some time. 

Please make sure that when you reorder, all of the products are still available and that any required items are checked off or filled in.

Once the order is in your cart, check to make sure all the pricing is correct and that you have ordered what you intended. You can make changes, delete or add more items. If you attempt to proceed to checkout without required data, you may get an error message.

Once you get to checkout, you will have the opportunity to do a final review before proceeding to payment.

Multiple Siblings

See also sibling discounts

You can place an order for more than one student at a time, even if paying by different methods! You can also put more of the same product or different products in the cart before checkout.

  • To buy more of the exact same item, just edit the quantity and click Update Cart at the bottom of the page.
  • To add another of the same item with different selections, click on the "Buy Again" button in the cart, and it will take you back to that item so that you can make different choices and add it to your cart again. 
  • To add a different item, return to the shopping page.

When you are ready to check out, select your primary payment method, and then make a note in the order notes area during checkout if there are other payment methods such as school funds or credits.

Paypal users:

You must select "PayPal" if using PayPal for any part of your order. If some items are paid for by a different method (e.g. school funds or check), make a Price Adjustment before you check out to adjust your total down to the correct PayPal amount before you check out. MAKE SURE YOUR TOTAL IS CORRECT BEFORE YOU PROCEED TO PAYPAL.


EMH Sports does not prorate our monthly price unless one of our promised weeks is not held, or you already paid for one week separately and are buying the full month.

  • If you are registering late and missed a week, you may order single day passes or one of our Deluxe or Premium classes which have makeup options for your missed week.
  • December can be prorated since we offer fewer weeks due to holidays.
  • If your start date was postponed by us and we are only offering 3 weeks, you can prorate one week.
  • If you used a day pass or paid for a walkup, you may prorate a full month purchase of that sport.

Please read more about prorating and find exact amounts here

Ordering for December

December is a short month due to holidays.

There are 3 options for your December order:

  1. Use the regular PE class product, pay full price and get 3 weeks of class plus 1 Day Pass credit to use on a future sport (or a second class in December), OR
  2. Use the regular PE class product, pay full price and get a monetary credit for future use, OR
  3. Use the PE Class - Special Pricing product and prorate December. The cost is listed here on our "December" page.

If you will be out of town in December, you can also choose to order single day passes for dates you want to attend.

If using school funds, your options may be more limited. Please contact us if you are not sure how your school handles December payments.

Click here to read more about prorating classes.

Refunds and Credits

About Cancellations, Refunds and Prorating

EMH Sports does not offer refunds, partial refunds, or credits for missed classes unless a class is cancelled by us. Once payment is made, you are reserving a space for your child/children for the entire session. You can cancel your classes at no charge before class is held. Once class is held you will be charged for the day.