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Deposit Notice

Please note that Deposits are required in some cases before your child can attend.

Please read About Deposits for more information.

Get your sports classes for less!

Some of these apply only to certain classes so please read each product description carefully before you order. 


Earlybird Special

Order early and save! Our special EARLYBIRD discount can be applied to any regular-priced, prepaid monthly PE Class to get 10% off. Just place your order and make your payment before the 20th of the prior month. Checks must be received in office by the 20th, and if using school funds, you must have a full month's deposit on account to use this discount, since school funds are not prepaid. Cannot be combined with other discounts, other than sibling discount for first child only!

Volume Discount

Did you miss the 20th? No problem! Just order and prepay for 4 OR MORE full months of PE for the same child and you can still get a 10% discount! Applies to full-priced children only, no other discounts please. Payment must be received in full before the first day of class, no installments please. If using school funds you must have a prepaid deposit to cover one month, and we must receive the funding paperwork for at least 4 months from your school.

Sibling Discount

Have a big family? If signing up 3 or more of your kids for the same sport and location, and paying out-of-pocket (no school funds) we have a generous discount for you! This discount applies to Economy and Deluxe PE classes only. Click here to read more!

Multipacks (10 Day Passes)

If buying single dates you can get a discount on packs of 10. Use them at any park or day and for any child. You must request your dates in advance so that we can send your passes and create our rosters.

Other Discounts

Sometimes a special discount is sent by email as a promotion for a certain date, a group of families in a new area, certain schools, etc. If you got a notice, please follow instructions in the email or contact customer service for assistance.

Referral Credits

Tell a friend! Each time one of your friends puts down your name as a referral and signs up for our program you get a $5 credit! Your friend must purchase and attend at least one full month before the discount applies. 

Bring a Friend Promo

The first week of every new sport you can bring a new friend for free! This needs to be a new student who has never attended a class or promo. On other days you can still buy your friend Single Day passes. If they like it, they can finish off that month at a discount! Read more...

Parent Liaison

Some parks have space open for a parent helper. If you think your park could benefit from a parent who knows what is going on and can help build up our program, contact us! We will say thank you with discounts and credits!