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The EMH Foundation

Mission Statement: The EMH foundation provides physical education as well as athletic programs to both disadvantaged and special needs students. These experiences will develop a holistic approach towards fitness that will benefit each individual student as a productive member of their community and society at large. The cornerstones of the foundation are fitness, inclusion for all students, a sense of fairness when competing, and a unified effort towards problem-solving as a team.

Overview: The EMH Foundation was instituted in 2008. The foundation plans to advance the cause of providing quality sports clinics, physical education classes, and adaptive physical education services to low income/disadvantaged children, including those with special needs throughout California. Through these programs participants can experience a wide variety of sports with emphasis placed on learning the basic skills necessary to gain an appreciation for the activity. The personal development of each child is the corner post of our program. Each student will gain a sense of accomplishment when maximizing their efforts, demonstrating traits of self-confidence, and acceptance.  

Another crucial benefit of our program is improved academic performance. Dr. Ronald Feingold, former President of AAHPERD and chairman of the Health Studies, Physical Education, and Human Performance Science Department at Adelphi University, has created a bibliography of research that unequivocally connects physical activity and sports to improved academic behaviors in students, e.g., higher attendance, less suspensions, etc. While these studies show the value of physical education to the academic experience, mandated testing, poor reading and mathematics scores in many school districts, particularly urban districts, and school budget reductions have resulted in cutbacks in either physical education time and budgets or both. Again, the irony is that physical activity and sports can improve academic conditions of younger people.

It is imperative that students of all abilities and backgrounds be extended the opportunity to participate in skill building classes that stress the need for healthy lifestyle. Our certified staff will target the individualized development of each participant with modifications implemented to accommodate special needs students in all activities.

EMH Sports is an approved Non-Public Agency (NPA) through the state of California for special education and related services.

Our Staff: The foundation instructors are all certified through the American Sport Education Program and are certified via the Red Cross in First Aid.

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You may make a donation of any amount to the EMH Foundation.

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