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Paying in Installments


If you want to order many classes in advance but pay in monthly installments, here is how...

  1. Go to the class product you want to order.
  2. Fill out all of the information on the page including all of the months or dates you want to attend.
  3. At the bottom before you add the product to the cart, type the qty you are paying for now. You will be charged [the price of the product] x [the qty you typed]. All unpaid classes will be listed as pending until payment is received.

 Multipacks and classes using 4 OR MORE discount cannot be paid in installments!

For future installments, do not order your sports again, just send your payments. The amount due will be listed on your account pages. You can mail a check or use the Make a Payment link on our site to use PayPal. We do not take cash or checks at the park!



Please note that a deposit is required in order to pay in installments. The deposit must be equal to the full non-discounted price of the product and will only be used if your next installment payment is not received on time.

If you do not have a deposit, or the deposit drops below the required amount and is not replenished, your remaining unpaid items may be cancelled and you will have to order them again.


Payment Deadlines

The deadline for the EARLYBIRD discount is the 20th of each month, no exceptions for holidays, late mail, etc. After the 20th the discount is forfeit and the balance will be taken from your deposit.
All other payments must be made by NOON on the last business day before class. A late fee of up to $10 will apply after the deadline.

Please be aware of our deadlines, especially if using any discount coupons, as late fees will apply if your payment is not received on time. We are not responsible for delays in mail or by your school.

We will not call or email to try to collect funds. We will instead remove the amount owed from your deposit if your payment is late, and then the balance must be replaced or all future unpaid months will be dropped. A reactivation fee or additional deposit may be required to continue.


School Funds

Most schools pay in installments. Even when we receive funding approval or a purchase order and funds are removed from your school account, we do not receive that money until 30 days after the class ends. We have to bill at the end of each month to receive actual funds. If your school is good about paying on time, we waive the deposit requirement unless you also want to use our discount coupons, in which case a deposit is still required.

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