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All My Notices

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Using School Funds

updated Sat. Jun 30, 2018 - 2:04 pm

EMH Sports accepts school funds from many charter schools.

To find a complete list of schools and rules for using purchase orders, please click here


Each class you want to attend must have an order on our website AND school funds to match before you attend class.

A deposit will be required if we don't have funds or if you want to use discounts.

Read more about deposits here

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updated Mon. Jul 15, 2019 - 8:38 am

December is a short month due to holidays. This year we will be offering 3 weeks.

Details are listed here on our "December" page.

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Order Priority Notice

updated Fri. Sep 15, 2017 - 4:26 pm

ATTENTION: Please order early!

Due to the volume of orders we get the week before class, if you wait and order in the final week of a month your order may not be processed until the night before your class. Our priority in the final week is to process orders for the upcoming day. All orders for the next day will be processed but it may be after midnight!

Thank you for your patience.

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Check Your Registration Online!

updated Fri. Sep 15, 2017 - 4:26 pm

Did you know that your account has a My Status page?

You can always see your orders and class signup status! Green and Red flags indicate which children are cleared for each sport.

If you click on your class title in blue, you will see all of your sports class dates for the whole year. Or visit PE Dates to find your date list.

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Day Passes

updated Mon. Jul 15, 2019 - 11:05 am

We now offer various pricing levels for your Day Pass purchases.

  • Economy passes will not have a free makeup, but one can be purchased.
  • Deluxe passes will have one free remake if you miss class.

Multipacks of 10 are available at both pricing options.

We also offer $1 off your passes if you order early (at least 7 days) or in bulk (with our Multipacks).

Remember that school funds must be paid in advance or you may need a deposit.

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Reduce Clutter!

updated Mon. Jul 15, 2019 - 12:49 pm

We have combined many of our policy, ordering, and information tips into sidebar notices. Once you read these notices, you can mark them as read and they will go away.

You can always find them again on our policy and information pages under the FAQ menu.

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updated Mon. Jul 15, 2019 - 10:20 am

Most of our discount offers are staying the same, though we are changing from 10% off to a flat rate for early and bulk orders.

We are also excited to now offer discounts for early Day Pass orders. Please order at least a week in advance to get $1 off your passes!

Remember that to use discounts with school funds you must have a full deposit first!

Please see our Discounts page for details.

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updated Thu. Jun 7, 2018 - 10:07 am


If you are returning after a break or there have been any changes to your contact information (address, phone, email, etc), or your child's information (grade level, school, medical information, etc), PLEASE MAKE ALL CHANGES to your profile and student files before you do anything else so that your forms will autofill properly.

Under the "My Account" menu...

  • You may edit any of your account details or change your password by clicking on Edit My Profile
  • Go to My Students to edit your child files.
  • You will need to sign new AP forms each school year or after significant edits such as custody arrangements.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your classes!

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Deposit Notice

updated Mon. Jul 8, 2019 - 11:36 pm

Please note that deposits are required in some cases before your child can attend class.
  • If you are ordering in installments (ordering more than you or your school will pay for right now) we need a one month deposit per child.
  • Deposits are required for all use of school funds unless...   
  1. Your account is in good standing AND
  2. Your orders are for full price, no discounts, AND
  3. We have approval/POs from your school before your first class
  • If your school funds are not in the day before class begins, you will need a deposit to participate.
  • If you are using school funds and want and EARLYBIRD or 4ORMORE discount, a one month deposit per child is required.
  • If you order classes that cannot be billed to your school in the same month, you will need a deposit to cover the amount until we get a school check.
  • If you are paying by personal check and we do not have it in our office several days before class, a deposit will be required. Checks take extra time to process.

Please read About Deposits for more information.

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Discount Pricing

updated Mon. Jul 8, 2019 - 11:38 pm

EMH Sports offers multiple options for getting your classes at a discount.

  1. Order early! PE Class orders placed on or before the 20th of the prior month get $4 off if prepaid. School funds require a deposit.
  2. Order in bulk! If you order and PREPAY for 4 or more months you get $4 off. School funds require a deposit.
  3. Sibling Discount - child #3 or more gets $8 off Economy and Deluxe classes. NO SCHOOL FUNDS for this one!
  4. Day Passes can be purchased in multipacks of 10 at a discount.

Read more about discounts.

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Bring A Friend!

updated Sat. Jun 30, 2018 - 2:05 pm

Good News!

Our "Bring a Friend" Promotion is now available for ANY week of a sport!

Please sign up any NEW friend for ANY single day class for FREE! 

  1. Order a free One Day "Bring a Friend" Pass on our website at least 2 days before class. 
  2. Have your friend's parent/legal guardian print and sign an AP form and give it to you to bring to the park. 
  3. Watch for your Day Pass and print it out, along with the signed AP form, to show the coach.

You will get a $5 credit if your friend comes back later and signs up for a month of PE.

Read more about the "Bring a Friend" Promotion

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Price Changes for 2019-2020

updated Fri. Jul 12, 2019 - 12:46 pm

The following price changes will be in effect as of Aug 1, 2019.

Month Class Options:

  • 1 month PE Class (Economy) - $32
  • 1 month PE Class (Deluxe) - $35
  • 1 month PE Class (Premium) - $38
  • EARLYBIRD and 4ORMORE discount - $4 off month
  • SIBLING discount - $8 off child 3, 4, 5, etc (no school funds)

One Day Pass and Multipacks now have 2 pricing options:

  1. Economy Pass (with no makeup) - $10 (or 10 for $90)
  2. Deluxe Pass (with one makeup option) - $13 (or 10 for $120)
  • EARLYBIRD pass discount - $1 off per pass (already applied to multipacks, no additional discount)
  • Makeup Passes are $4

Rush Fees:

  • 1-day processing, before noon - $2.50 per child, max $10
  • 1-day processing, after noon - $5 per child, max $10
  • same-day processing - $5 per child, max $10
  • weekend/holiday processing - $5 per child, max $10


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