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My Park Subscriptions

You are signed up to get notices from the following locations. If you would like to add to your subscriptions you can do so on the park pages. You can also unsub from any park, but you will be subscribed automatically the next time you place an order for that location. To unsub from all EMH bulk email, you can set your account to "no mail" on your main account page.
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Please Update Your Profiles!

Welcome to EMH Sports!

If you are returning after a break or there have been any changes to your contact information (address, phone, email, etc), child's grade level, school, medical information, etc, PLEASE MAKE ALL CHANGES to your profile and student files before you do anything else so that your forms will autofill properly.

Under the "My Account" menu...

  • You may edit any of your account details or change your password by clicking on Edit My Profile
  • Go to My Students to edit your child files.
  • You will need to sign new AP forms each school year or after significant edits such as custody arrangements.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your classes!

Notice Board

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1) Notice #121524 - Check Your Registration Online!


updated Fri, Sep 15, 2017

Did you know that your account has a My Status page?

You can always see your orders and class signup status! Green and Red flags indicate which children are cleared for each sport.

If you click on your class title in blue, you will see all of your sports class dates for the whole year. Or visit PE Dates to find your date list.

2) Notice #108449 - Order Priority Notice


updated Fri, Sep 15, 2017

ATTENTION: Please order early!

Due to the volume of orders we get the week before class, if you wait and order in the final week of a month your order may not be processed until the night before your class. Our priority in the final week is to process orders for the upcoming day. All orders for the next day will be processed but it may be after midnight!

Thank you for your patience.