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Private PE Locations

These PE Classes are for members of the listed private groups only.
To see our public listings, see Locations.

Click here to learn how add your children to the wishlist for any park.

Ordering Instructions:

  1. Click on the blue class name to go to the class page and view dates, schedule, maps, and other information.
  2. To add this park to your account and get email notices, please subscribe to your park using the orange button. IMPORTANT! You must subscribe to the park before you proceeed to the ordering pages!
  3. After you subscribe, click on the green "Buy Now" button to order your classes.
To find out more about our sports classes, please read About Our PE Program.

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Our P.E. Classes

Our PE classes are for ages 3-18. Click here for a full overview of our program.

Our typical lineup of sports for our PE classes is as follows. Most sports run 4 weeks, once per week. 
Click on the sport name to see the dates offered.
Dates and sport offerings may vary in your area due to holiday schedules and park availability.
Please check your class page for exact schedule. 

Click here or on each sport to read the course descriptions.

June-August EMH regular PE classes will not be offered so that we can focus on special offerings like clinics and sports camps.

Click here for Pricing details on our classes.