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Private Lessons


Lessons are arranged privately between an individual or small group and one of our trained coaches.

  • Private Lessons

    Private and small group lessons can be arranged with one of our trained coaches or affiliates.

    • EMH coaches have competed at the collegiate and/or professional levels, combined with many years of coaching experience that have produced numerous successful athletes.

    • Students are given personalized instruction designed to take them to the next level, giving them the confidence and skill necessary to edge their competitors.

    • Prices are very affordable and vary by sport and class size.

  • Baseball and Softball

    Small Group

    The small group 3 day clinics are for players that are seeking comprehensive baseball skill lessons. The clinic is designed to improve pitch and strike-zone recognition, timing, balance, quickness, power, situational hitting, bunting and other aspects. Coaches will also help the player to focus on the basics along with emphasis on correcting mechanics of form, throwing and hitting and the mental side of the game.

    Private Lessons

    EMH provides a quality one-on-one skilled program with coaches who can implement the drills that are consistent with major-league type instruction. We endeavor to make sure that our coaches are aware of innovations and new drills in teaching hitters and pitchers at the highest levels.

  • Advanced Basketball

    EMH offers advanced private basketball lessons. Our EMH coaches have played collegiately and/or professionally. The primary focus of our lessons are to help empower the player to optimize their true physical and mental potential. Players who have participated in our program recognize what it means to be intense and play with a mental toughness that separates them from the crowd.

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Our P.E. Classes

Our PE classes are for ages 3-18. Click here for a full overview of our program.

Our typical lineup of sports for our PE classes is as follows. Most sports run 4 weeks, once per week. 
Click on the sport name to see the dates offered.
Dates and sport offerings may vary in your area due to holiday schedules and park availability.
Please check your class page for exact schedule. 

Click here or on each sport to read the course descriptions.

June-August EMH regular PE classes will not be offered so that we can focus on special offerings like clinics and sports camps.

Click here for Pricing details on our classes.