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Once you have logged in, be sure that all of your account information is correct and that you have a Student Profile and AP Form for each child..

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Current Date/Time

Thu. May 25, 2017 - 11:04 am

Ordering Deadline

Is your order a RUSH for today or tomorrow?

Any orders placed the day before class will be subject to a $1 RUSH fee per child, as we need time to process orders and payments and let our coaches know how to prepare their teams.

The deadline to complete registration and payment is 5:00 pm the evening prior to class. All enrollment requests, payments, checks, vouchers, or purchase orders, and all other required forms must be in our office by that time or an additional RUSH fee will be required to attend class. The fee after 5:00 PM or day of class is $5 per child, or $10 max.

Deposit Notice

Please note that Deposits are required in some cases before your child can attend.
If you are ordering in installments (ordering more than you pay for) we need a one month deposit.
Deposits are required for all use of school funds unless...   
  1. Your account is in good standing AND
  2. Your orders are for full months at full price AND
  3. We have approval/POs from your school before your first class

Please read About Deposits for more information.

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About Cancellations, Refunds and Prorating

EMH Sports does not offer refunds, partial refunds, or credits for missed classes unless a class is cancelled by us. Once payment is made, you are reserving a space for your child/children for the entire session. You can cancel your classes at no charge before class is held. Once class is held you will be charged for the day.

Class Times and Locations

This is our general park schedule for regular monthly PE classes. For more detailed information, click the park name: