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Fall Registration

Hello EMH Families!

Fall registration is now open, with soccer classes starting in September. You may begin placing orders, requesting funds, etc.

The class calendar has been updated, but day and time changes may still be made for certain locations. You will be notified if your location is affected. A few classes are still on hold pending schedule verifications.

Please update your personal and student files (contact information, schools, grade levels, etc) and sign your permission (AP) forms now so you will be ready to go! 

Also please check out and read our new Notice Board on the right sidebar, which has policy updates, park notices, personal notices, site changes, new prices and deadlines, etc.

Have a great rest of your summer, and see you on the field!

Add Items to Cart

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Before you can register for classes or fill out forms, you will need to Log In to your user account.

If you do not have an account, you need to Create a User Account

Once you have logged in, be sure that all of your account information is correct and that you have a Student Profile and AP Form for each child..

It is now...

Fri. Aug 17, 2018 - 4:16 pm

Ordering Deadlines

Is your order a RUSH for today, tomorrow, or Monday?

Any orders placed the day before or day of class, or which need to be processed over the weekend or on holidays, will be subject to a RUSH fee. We need time to process orders and payments and let our coaches know how to prepare for their teams. All orders, checks, vouchers, purchase orders, and all other required forms must be in our office 2 business days before class in order to avoid additional fees.

If your school is late paying, you must make a deposit!

RUSH FEES WILL APPLY AS FOLLOWS (click for details):


You can order at any time during the previous sport without incurring any late fees. We even have a 10% discount if you prepay by the 20th!

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Our P.E. Classes

Our PE classes are for ages 3-18. Click here for a full overview of our program.

Our typical lineup of sports for our PE classes is as follows. Most sports run 4 weeks, once per week. 
Click on the sport name to see the dates offered.
Dates and sport offerings may vary in your area due to holiday schedules and park availability.
Please check your class page for exact schedule. 

Click here or on each sport to read the course descriptions.

June-August EMH regular PE classes will not be offered so that we can focus on special offerings like clinics and sports camps.

Click here for Pricing details on our classes.

Class Times and Locations

This is our general park schedule for regular monthly PE classes. For more detailed information, click the park name: