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Personal Fitness/SportsTraining

EMH Sports offers private Physical Fitness/Sports Training.

Whether the student is a novice and is taking their first steps toward fitness or is an exercise/sport’s fanatic, we can provide coaches to optimize their individualized goals. We have a set of skilled, personal fitness trainers that have also been certified through EMH’s in-house training program.

EMH Fitness/Sport’s Training is an excellent way for students to work on their individual goals when a traditional PE class is not an option, or they are looking for a one-on-one experience. The program is tailored for ages 7 years and up. Evaluations are provided before the session begins so that the instructor can customize a training program tailored to meet their needs. EMH will make sure that all participants receive the best and latest in the sports and fitness area of choice.

There are many fitness/sports areas that your EMH instructor can provide:

  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Strength Training
  • Core Exercises
  • Balance Training
  • Flexibility and Stretching
  • Sports Endurance
  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Sport Specific Development (all sports)
  • Fitness Gram Prep

For your convenience, EMH will conduct private training sessions at offsite locations mutual to both the trainer and the student. For those students who would feel more comfortable working out of their home, we can offer a virtual accommodation. Virtual sessions will require a broadband Internet connection and a webcam.


  • $80 private, one-on-one 1-hour session (miniumum sessions).

More than one child in your family? Ask us about a family session. EMH accepts EU payments from your homeschools.

The EMH Fitness Trainer will help educate your child on how to live a healthy lifestyle and to reach their fitness goals in the safest, fastest, and most efficient manner.

Please email customerservice@emhsports.com, subject line: “Fitness Training” for an instructor near you. It would help us if you would also download the attached pdf and include answers to the questionnaire in your email. Thank you!

Training Questionnaire.pdf28.69 KB


No clinics for this sport are currently scheduled. Contact us if you would like to see one in your area!

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