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Ian Mascarenhas

By admin - Posted on 25 April 2011

Ian Mascarenhas

Coach Mascarenhas brings an extensive and impressive background in softball to our sport’s lineup. He has managed softball teams for many years and has served as a Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner for softball leagues managing 62 different teams in the San Diego County area.

Coach Mascarenhas has also coached youth volleyball and baseball for several years.

When he is not coaching for EMH, he works for his church as a Director of Religious Education and a youth minister, overseeing programs for children/young adults in preschool through high school.  He has also worked in the banking industry and in computer network support roles.

Coach Mascarenhas enjoys working with youth of all ages.

Sports Expertise: 
Softball, Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer, Football, & Basketball
COTM date: 
April 2015
February 2013