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The online form is only available for logged in users. Please request an online user account or log in before trying to view the online version. If you do not want to log in you may still download and print the attached version of the form.

Athletic Participation Form

Please note - the AP Form is not a registration form. It is just a permission form for participation in our programs. You must also place an order for the classes or clinics you would like to attend.

The AP Form must be submitted once per child per year. It must be in our central office before your child can be allowed to participate. Only one child's name may be listed on each form or you will be asked to resubmit them.

ONLY THE PARENT OR COURT APPOINTED LEGAL GUARDIAN MAY SIGN! No other relatives, friends, or caregivers, including step-parents, unless you have legal custody papers! If you, the account holder, are not the parent or court-appointed legal guardian but you intend to add someone else's child to your account to place orders for that child, you must also have the parent sign the additional release form.

Online Form

If you have created an online user account and are logged in, and if you have created a profile for your student, you may fill out the online form and submit it electronically. A button to create an AP form for your child is visible under My AP Forms

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Printed Form

We're sorry, but due to legal requirements this form may not be faxed or emailed. You must either submit the form online (above) from your account page, or mail it in. Coaches can collect signed forms for the one day only. Permanent clearance is not granted at the park or by the coach.

If you would like to mail this form in, please print and sign one copy per child per year.


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