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December (and other short months)

In any given calendar year it may happen that 4 weeks of PE cannot fit into the schedule or a week gets cancelled due to rain, etc.

December is one of those months where we can only offer 3 weeks.

 For December, you can choose one of 3 options...

  1. Pay for 4 weeks and get a credit for future use.
  2. Pay for 4 weeks and choose 1 free day pass to any other park or sport.
  3. Prorate the cost of December (using Special Pricing product, see costs below).

If you decide to pay for only 3 weeks rather than get a pass or a credit, the cost is...

  • Economy: $24 ($21 with discount)
  • Deluxe: $27 ($24 with discount)
  • Premium: $30 ($27 with discount)

Sibling Discount, Child #3, 4, 5 or more (no school funds, no additional discounts)

First 2 children can use pricing above. These prices are for the additional sibilings only.

  • Economy: $18
  • Deluxe: $21
  • No Premium Sib Discount

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