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Specialty Sports Clinics 

are offered by EMH Sports.


See our existing clinics or request a clinic in your area!

EMH Sports News

  • "Bring a Friend" Promo


    EMH offers a Free “Bring a Friend Pass” when you preorder for a guest.

    Your child may bring a new friend for FREE to the same location where you are registered. This must be a person from a new family who has not attended any EMH classes in the past. For guests that have already attended before, please buy a One Day Pass for them or have their parent register for the month.

    Below are guidelines that must be followed:


  • New Locations!

    EMH Sports USA has open enrollment youth PE classes for the homeschool network from grades preK-12th in Southern Nevada and Northern and Southern California. More locations are being added each month! Email us to bring a class to your area.

    We also have a wishlist for many other locations. Contact us to add yours if you do not see a class close to you!

    Click here to see our current locations.

    Our classes offer diverse, developmentally appropriate activities for all students. Your kids will have fun, develop new friendships, and learn the fundamental skills of playing team sports.

  • Kids Play Handball

    These children in France are playing handball on an indoor court. Although our games will most commonly be on a soccer field, the idea is similar.

    Join us in March for this fun sport!

  • EMH in the News!

    Not your average gym class


    The Valley Chronicle (Hemet)

    Nobody wants to get out of this gym class. "I walk out to that site and all those kids are reaching up to give me a hug and a high five," said Marlene MacIsaac, the Hemet coach for EMH, a Temecula-based company that hosts PE classes for homeschoolers across the state.



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