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Important! There may be a fee to cancel or change any order once it has been processed. Please Read This First! 

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Please read our additional policies on cancellations, refunds, credits and makeups.

Cancellation Policies

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We understand that in some cases it is necessary to cancel an order or drop out. We will try to work with you if you communicate with our office and give us enough time to change our rosters (email is preferred). In some cases a change or cancellation will affect all students/coaches at that location, so please let us know well in advance if possible!

  • After your order has been received and processed, any changes or cancellations will be charged a $5 fee. This is for changes to month, park, payment method, student, etc. In some cases the fee can be waived if EMH caused the changes or if you had special circumstances.
  • You will not be charged any additional fees beyond the $5 fee as long as you contact us in writing before our registration deadline of NOON on the last business day before class. 
  • If you already paid, you can get a credit only for dates that have not yet been held, so please contact us right away!
  • Once class is held you will be responsible for payment of those dates even if you did not attend. 

Please do not assume that if you just talk to your coach or school we will get the message. We must have your request in writing (email). 

Please do not rely on your school to tell us if you are coming or not. If using school funds you must cancel with both us and your school, not just one. Your school is only able to cancel payments, and you are still responsible for payment until you write to us. If you leave your school or your school cancels payment for any reason, you can still pay another way. Please contact us right away so that we know your intent. 

Schools will not pay the $5 cancellation fee. We can take it from your accont credits or you can make a PayPal payment or send a check.

To cancel a class you can do one or more of these things...

  1. send us an email with details on which months/children to cancel. If we were responsible for the changes, there is no extra fee.
  2. go to your status page and click the cancel button on the order (this will cancel the ENTIRE order but not the payment, and you will still need to pay appropriate fees)
  3. cancel payment with your school if they already processed your fund requests. In most cases, we will not have been paid yet, but you will have to work it out with your school to get the funds released for your use.
  4. cancel your PayPal payment with PayPal 
  5. use the Credit Request Form on our website to request an account credit OR
  6. use Change My Order to request a different park, month, or date and pay the appropriate change fees.

If the class you want to cancel has already happened, we may not be able to issue you any credit. However you can purchase a Makeup Day if you want to make up the missed dates. Please ask promptly since there is a time limit on makeup options.



  • If EMH Sports cancels your class we will offer a free makeup day, credit, or refund. There is no charge to you to change your order in this case.
  • If you did not attend any dates and class has not started yet, you will only have to pay the $5 fee to change your order. After our NOON deadline we will charge for the next day.
  • If a discount was used that requires the class you are cancelling, you might only get partial credit.
  • If you attended a few dates and then want to cancel the rest of the month, you will be charged the One Day Pass price for the attended dates.
  • If some dates are already passed but you did not attend them, you can choose to pay for the dates held and not attend, or pay for makeup pricing so you can attend a different date.
  • If you or your children have a long illness, major injury, or other personal emergency please talk to us right away!
  • If you were unhappy with your class or your child did not feel ready to participate please talk to us right away so that we can try to resolve the situation. In some cases we can move your registration to another sport or you can buy makeups and use them to try out a different class instead.

Thank you!

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