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Virtual Private Lessons

$50 for one 45 min session


EMH is excited to offer our “Virtual Experience” directly to students.  It’s a session with a live instructor who can provide physical activity to your children virtually. Our virtual options are streamed live via Skype, Zoom, or other face-to-face applications that will work for both you and the coach. 

Workout on your Schedule

We all know that exercise is good for physical health, but it’s also an important stress reliever for our mental well-being.  EMH is offering another way for your children to receive the benefits of being motivated to exercise with live feedback on their progress.

Whether it is a basic exercise session or a sport skill-builder, there are many fitness/sports areas that your EMH instructor can provide:

  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Strength Training
  • Core Exercises
  • Balance Training
  • Flexibility and Stretching
  • Sports Endurance
  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Sport-Specific Development (all sports)
  • Fitness Gram Prep
  • Dance

How it works:

You sign up for a 45 minute session online, and EMH will assign an instructor to meet your needs after you fill out your questionnaire. Our Virtual Experience will provide the opportunity for the coach to interact in “real time” with the student(s) and to be able to discuss and adjust the workout to meet the needs of the participant(s).


EMH accepts payments from your schools. POs or personal payment must be received before sessions can be booked.

Please fill out the attached questionnaire (below) and email it to registration@emhsports.com to get started. Then complete your purchase on our website with this product.

PE Fitness Training Questionnaire.pdf28.69 KB

Virtual PE guidelines

By admin - Posted on 27 August 2020

Before your class, we ask that you please make sure your internet connection is solid and secure. The best scenario for no "dropouts", frozen screens, or disconnections during class is by using
an ethernet cable to connect your computer or laptop directly to your router.  (They are relatively cheap if you don't already have one. Various lengths are available if your router is in one room and you're taking class in another.)   If this isn't possible and you are only able to use wifi, please make sure your wifi signal on your computer is showing consistent "full bars" and remains strong. 

  1. Must have a working internet connection and webcam; please log in a few minutes before your session.
  2. Parent/Guardian must be able to use Zoom for Group PE (at least two devices in case the connection is lost).
  3. Customer Service will send you the invite a day ahead of the session.
  4. Parent/Guardian must be present for students in elementary and middle school age groups.
  5. There must be a clear and safe space assigned for PE, outdoors or indoors. Area should be clear of clutter.
  6. Student needs to wear comfortable exercise attire, and a gym-type shoe (mandatory for safety).
  7. The instructor will only instruct those students who are enrolled, so no other child may join in who is not registered. Parent/Guardian needs to make sure their student(s) do not wander off and are staying focused on the instruction.
  8. There are no refunds or credits for missed/cancelled sessions by parent/guardian, so please make sure that your child(ren) are ready to go once sessions are assigned. If EMH cancels, a makeup time will be announced.
  9. POs or personal pay must be received by registration before sessions can commence (min. 2 days).


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