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Clinic Interest List - Active Clinics

This form is to collect an interest list for specialized sports clinics with specific dates and locations that have been announced and that you are planning to attend. If you have a clinic request for your area, please use our wishlist form instead!

EMH Sports offers clinics on many topics in various locations. Our clinics cover more specific skills and training than our regular PE Classes, plus we offer a wider variety of sports. 

All clinics are listed on the clinics pages and on the blue dropdown Clinics tab.

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**Please note: Each clinic date has a minimum enrollment requirement. If that minimum is not met, the clinic will be cancelled. Therefore, our interest list form asks you to select your clinic choice but not pay. If the clinic reaches the minimum number of students, you will be notified of how to proceed.

If the clinic is determined to proceed we will ask you to register and pay on our Order page.

Some clinics are offered in cooperation with local Parks and Recreation Departments. Those clinics have a different registration procedure. Please read the clinic page carefully so that you will know how to register!


Please enter the title of the clinic, including the sport and, if listed, the ability level.

Please list the location or locations where you would be available to attend. Choosing more than one location will allow us greater flexibility in fulfilling your request. List in order of preference.

If only certain dates or months work for you, please specify those clinic dates. Otherwise we will place you on the list for any available clinic in your requested area.

Please enter the student's name, followed by grade level and school. Use a new line for each student. Adults may put "adult" instead of grade/school.

Contact me when there are new clinics of this type offered in my area.

Communication about this clinic will be sent to this email address.

Phone number where we can contact you about clinics.

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