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Clinic Course Descriptions

This is a general description of clinics offered by EMH Sports. For a list of specific clinics currently offered, please see our Clinics list.


A clinic is a special class with a focus. May have repeating dates but does not occur as part of a regular P.E. session. Has its own schedule.

  • Baseball Clinic

    EMH baseball clinics focus on the five tools of baseball: hitting for power, hitting for average, throwing, fielding, and speed/agility. Training and stations are always position and skill-level specific so that each participant gets the most out of program. 

  • Tiny Tots Basketball

    This introductory class instructs children in the fundamentals of basketball. EMH instructors will use a variety of modified approaches and fun games to foster kids' understanding of the sport. There will be no competitive games in this class. This class leads into the Beginning Basketball Skills Clinic. Parents are welcome to join in and all equipment is provided.

  • Beginning Basketball Clinic

    While your child practices ball-handling, dribbling, and shooting, they will also learn about good sportsmanship, teamwork, and the value of fair play. Our outstanding coaches take an individual interest in each child regardless of his or her ability on the court. Games will be played during each class to reinforce lessons taught. Participants will be divided into age-appropriate groups.  All equipment is provided.

  • Intermediate-Advanced Basketball Clinics

    This clinic is designed to introduce the player to the competitive realm of the sport of basketball. Game situations and strategies are introduced. Participants in this clinic should have a good understanding of basketball fundamentals. EMH's goal is for each participant to leave the clinic with an understanding of what coaches are looking for in a player. Games will be played during each class to reinforce lessons taught. Participants will be divided into age-appropriate groups. All equipment is provided. 

  • Conditioning and Agility Clinic

    This clinic is designed for boys and girls wishing to perform their particular sport or activity at a very high level of endurance and flexibility. Our comprehensive training program provides benefits for young athletes preparing to compete in a variety of different sports, i.e.-soccer, baseball, track, football, basketball, and volleyball. Regardless of what sport or athletic activity the student competes in, proper running technique, flexibility, core strength, explosiveness, agility, and maintaining proper nutrition are keys to their success.

  • Family Fitness Clinic

    Fitness for the whole family - parents welcome to join in with your child! A high energy workout incorporating a variety of creative combinations of exercises. In this power packed forty-five minutes of intervals, you will boost your cardio endurance, blast fat, build lean muscle and get REAL results. Gain functional strength and cardiovascular fitness in this effective and fun workout!  This class is designed for all fitness levels, kids and adults. Please bring a mat and a can-do attitude.

  • Football Skills/Conditioning Clinic

    The EMH Sports Football Skills/Conditioning Clinic is for beginners to advanced players. Blocking dummies, lateral hurdles, parachutes, and ladders will be introduced. Coaches will stress running mechanics, acceleration complexes, agility drills, and conditioning and football techniques for every position both individually and as a team. This is a great readiness clinic for the fall football programs. Participants will be put into appropriate age groups. This is a non-contact camp. All equipment is provided. Participants should bring a water bottle, sunscreen, and cleats are recommended.

  • Golf Clinic

    The clinic will focus on chipping, swing, and putting.  All equipment is provided.

  • Jazz/Hip Hop Dance Class

    This dance class teaches rhythm, coordination, musicality, and hip hop choreography using fundamental jazz technique and steps.
    This is an excellent class for high-energy kids who want to take a fast and fun dance class.
    Students will gain self-esteem and confidence in an upbeat atmosphere.
    Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers. Please bring a towel or a mat.

  • Self-Defense Clinic

    The clinic is geared on self defense maneuvers to help escape assault.  Also introduced are blocking, kicking and punching techniques.  

  • Soccer Clinic

    Participants will go through a series of skill stations designed to help push them to improve as an individual player. Also there will be focus of working within a team/position play.

  • Tennis Clinic

    Instruction will be available in a group setting and will focus on hitting, ground strokes, volleys and serves. The clinic will help the student to learn the fundamentals of grips and strokes and progress toward sustained rallies. 

  • Track & Field Clinic

    This is a two-fold clinic which focuses on agility/conditioning for all sports with the main focus on track and field. The instruction will offer strength and distance training along with proper form running drills. Speed work using parachutes and ladders and hurdles for agility will be introduced. Field events will include shot put and running long jump. A track meet will conclude on the last day of the clinic and award ribbons will be given out. Participants will need a water bottle and running shoes.

  • Track and Field Meet

    Optional clinic occurs on the days before the Meet. The Meet is included in the cost of the clinic or you may register and pay for just the Meet.

    Track Meet Events:

    • Shot Put
    • Junior Javelin (5th-12th grades only)
    • 100, 200, 400, 800 m. races
    • Relay Races (formed from the clinic)
    • Long jump
    • 300 Hurdles (5-12th grades only)

    All participants will receive an EMH Tee Shirt and Award Ribbons for every event entered!

  • Ultimate Frisbee

    To be announced

  • Volleyball

    The basic skills of bunting, setting, serving, and court strategy will be covered in the volleyball class. Coaches will focus on improving individual skills along with position specific training. Games will be played to reinforce lessons taught.

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