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Important! There may be a fee to cancel or change any order once it has been processed. Please Read This First! 

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Please read our additional policies on cancellations, refunds, credits and makeups.

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Refunds and Account Credits

EMH Sports does not issue refunds in most cases, unless we stop providing PE services to your location and/or you close your account completely with us.

  • Classes cancelled by us are always credited when a makeup is not offered. If we offer a makeup, you can choose to get a credit instead by filling out this form.
  • Dates you miss that were held by us can be credited/made up. The cost depends on your original purchase.
  • Economy PE classes do not have free makeups/credits. You can buy a Makeup Pass to attend a different class.
  • Our Deluxe and Premium products include more flexiblity with making up missed classes. The Deluxe price includes one makeup per sport and the Premium price allows for two makeups. 
  • School funds will never be refunded to the parent, but can be credited for future use.

Please click on each title below to see more about our policies and answers to your questions about refunds and credits.




Please fill out the form below if you wish to request a credit or refund (you must be logged in to see the form).

If you wish to order a Makeup Day you do not need to fill out this form unless your request is for a special case. In most cases you can just place a Makeup Pass in your cart and check out. This includes free passes that were granted by our office. There is an option on the order form to select a free pass.

Once we review your request you will receive a reply. It can take up to 30 days to receive your credit or refund. If we are waiting for school funds first, it can take even longer. If you do not hear back within a month, please do not fill out another form, just send us an email. Thank you!

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