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Sibling Discount (3 or more)

Do you qualify for a discount? (Both must be true)

Enrolling 3 or more children in the same sport, same location

Because we know that raising a large family is tough, EMH will offer a discount to families with 3 or more children enrolling (families enrolling only 2 children still pay regular price). This is for the regular school year (Sept-June). No sibling discounts are available for camps, clinics, or day passes.

Paying out of personal funds

The discount is only available for families paying out-of-pocket who are not using any school funds for any of the 3 children. If some of your children use school funds, you have to enroll at least 3 students that are not in order to qualify.


If you qualify...

The cost for each sport is as follows:

  • regular price for the first and second child (they can still use the EARLYBIRD or 4 OR MORE discounts)
  • $8 off the third child and additional children thereafter, no other discount applies

You can use this discount when ordering either the Economy or Deluxe PE Class. There is no sibling discount for the Premium PE Classes. To use your discount, go to the product you desire and order at least 3 children for the same sport and location. Select the SIB3+ discount for the 3rd, 4th, 5th child, etc...


If you have been offered a different price, please use the PE Class - Special Pricing to purchase a PE class and write in the price.


There is no prorating of these prices for fewer weeks unless EMH Sports cancelled a class or you used a one day pass (trial class, makeup class, etc) for one or more of the dates and then are coming to ALL of the other dates that month.

Please click here to read more about prorating

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