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Using the Website

If you are having trouble registering or navigating this site, here are some tips and links. If you are still having trouble, please contact EMHSports or the Webmaster and include a phone number where you can be reached. We will respond as soon as possible.


What do I need to do to register?


How do I reset my password?


How do I sign up and pay for a class?


What is the cost?


How do I change or cancel my order?


Where are the permission (AP) forms?


How do I find the dates at my park for each sport?


Which locations have PE classes and what days and times are they?



Q: If my school is paying for my classes, how do I sign up?

A: You sign up the same way as everyone else, by getting your account and student files set up and then placing an order. During checkout, select School Funds as the payment type. Please make sure each child's record lists the correct school name. We handle the billing through the school. See more...

Q: How do I know which sports/locations/times to pick?

A: Park locations and times are listed here. Most parks follow the general sports schedule listed in the box on the schedule page.

The exact dates for each sport for your park are listed on this page and you will need to search for the park you wish to attend. Sometimes a particular sport will meet at a different park but will still be part of a single class series, so please check the schedule carefully for any variations. You will also be notified of dates and locations when you are enrolled.

Only Active parks can be ordered. Other parks have a wishlist and we will open it when we reach 20 kids.

Q: How do I get a credit/refund?

A: If EMH Sports cancels a class you paid for, and you cannot attend a different class or a makeup day, you can request a credit here. We do not issue credits for personal absences.
We also do not issue refunds in most cases. If you used school funds and classes are cancelled, we will either issue a credit or not bill your school. Only personal funds can be refunded to the parent, and only in certain circumstance. 
If we stop holding classes in your area completely, or you are no longer returning to attend more classes and want to shut down your account, please contact us for options.

Q: What if my child missed a class due to late sign up, illness, injury, field trip, etc?

A: EMH Sports does not issue refunds or credits for missed classes unless we cancel class. Once your child is on the roster you are paying to reserve a slot for that sport. We hire our instructors based on the number of students enrolled. However, if you miss a day, you can purchase a Makeup Pass
We also have multi-tiered pricing options. Deluxe and Premium classes have makeup options if you miss a class and want to attend a different day or location.
We also sell One Day Passes so that you can attend only the days that work for you.

Q: Can I change park locations?

A: Our policy is that you may change parks at the beginning of a new sport, but there is a fee to switch once a sports class has started. You may enroll at and attend more than one day or park if you pay for the passes or a full month at both locations. We hire our instructors based on the number of students enrolled at each location. If you wish to change locations you will need to use "Change My Order" and pay an extra fee if it applies.
Deluxe and Premium classes have makeup options if you choose to miss a class and attend a different day or location as a replacement class.

Q: I was told I can pay a different amount. How do I do that?

A: If paying a different total amount, please use PE Class - Special Pricing or add the appropriate items to your cart and then add a "Price Adjustment" to your cart. 

Q: I thought I did everything but my registration is still not complete.

A: Our system is handling a huge amount of registrations and sometimes something gets missed. If you think you completed the process please be patient with us. If it is almost class day and something appears "off" on your status page, please email and give us the confirmation email, order number, or any other information that might help us look up your order or forms.

Q: How do I use a credit card or bank transfer?

A: Select PayPal as the payment option and then use your credit card or enter your bank information at the Paypal site. It is a secure site, and we do not collect, store, or process any of your personal payment information.

Q: How will I know that we are enrolled?

A: You will receive an email confirmation once you are on the roster. If something is missing or preventing your order clearance you will receive notice within 24 hours. You can also check your account status page. The status of all orders and team assigments will be listed online.

Q: How do I stop getting emails/close my account?

A: If you want to unsubscribe to certain parks/classes, you can manage your email subscriptions under My Parks.
If you would like to stop getting all bulk email, you can unsubscribe from all emails under My Account. Click the "Unsubscribe from email updates" button on your account page. You will still get personal emails but you will not get any promo emails, class reminders, cancellation notices, makeup notifications, etc. You can still find notices on the website or our rain hotline.
If you would like to shut down your account completely, please email us

For more answers, please visit our FAQ page.

Do you have another question? Please email the webmaster so that we can put it up on the site!

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