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Parent Liaison

Thank you for your interest in the parent liaison position. We depend on our parent liaisions to help build our classes and keep them running smoothly!

As a thank you for serving, we offer discounts on our classes.

Gold Stars will be issued as a credit for items you help with. Each gold star can be redeemed for $5 off your next order. The maximum earned is 6 per month.

In exchange we ask that you consider helping with as many of the following duties you can. Not all would be required every month or at every location.

If you wish, you can share these duties with another parent and split your stars.

The first 4 are required items and must be completed to earn your stars. If for any reason you cannot attend a certain week or month, please do your best to still check in with the coach and let them know and/or find an alternate parent. Thank you!


Register for and attend all sport months (please place a timely order each month after you receive your stars)! Check the calendar monthly so you are aware of our class dates.

Check in with the lead coach each week to see if you are needed. Stay nearby so coaches and other parents can communicate issues.

Notify coach or office of rain or park conditions (at least an hour in advance if possible).

File a monthly report on how the class went (coaches, sport, equipment, park conditions, parent and kid reactions, etc). This needs to be done immediately after the last day of class.
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  • Help notify parents if needed for rain cancellation, park changes, etc. The office also handles this but sometimes a phone tree or personal email is helpful.
  • Help build the location with flyers, social media, and word of mouth.
  • Watch for new parents at the park, greet them and introduce yourself so they can find you with questions.
  • Inform the lead coach of any issues that come up at the park with parents, safety concerns, etc. Also inform the main office if necessary, or put it in your monthly report if not immediately critical.
  • Introduce yourself to the team coaches so they know who you are. Watch for new coaches and subs throughout the year.
  • Help with walk-up registration, field setup, or anything else if needed.
  • Be on call in case a coach is running late, exchange phone numbers, find out what is needed and tell the other parents.
  • If a location change is needed, wait at the original location for parent who arrive late and need help finding the class.
  • Be familiar with the website (registration, payment, policies, dates, etc) so you can help explain to parents if needed.
  • Take roll or help with warmups if needed. Each child must be on the list before they can go on the field.
  • Find a parent if a child is in need and can't be located. Coaches may have other classes to get to and might need help waiting with a child after class.
  • Remind parents to order the next sport early, remind them of the sport and dates, and tell them how to find their certificates online if they want to print them out.
  • We do not usually do snacks. Some families want it and some do not; many have allergies or food preferences. If snacks are desired by all or most parents you may help arrange that among the parents, but most will just bring their own.
  • We do not do awards, trophies, or other celebrations, as it is a PE class focus and non-competitive. Private parties (birthday, etc) should not distract from the class atmosphere.


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