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A note about makeup days

EMH can not always offer makeup days on the same PE day as the original class. When we offer a makeup, we have to choose a day and time that has instructor and park availability. Unfortunately, we will not always be able to have a makeup day that will accommodate everyone's schedule.

If you cannot attend the scheduled makeup date, you may choose to request a credit to your EMH account so that you can use it to get a one day pass to another class or apply to a future order.

***Please respond to the posted makeup notice online using the button(s) provided. 

Makeup Date Policies

If Class Was Cancelled By EMH...

If a class meeting is cancelled, we will try to find a good day to do a makeup, one that works with park availability and our coach schedule. If you cannot attend the makeup date, or if one was not held, you will get a credit.


If Class Was Held...

If you miss a class that was in session for any reason, we do not give credit or free makeups for the missed class unless your purchase included it (Deluxe, Premium).

If you had an illness, doctors appointment, field trip, school testing, vacation, car trouble, weather looked unwelcoming, etc, you may purchase a Makeup Day Pass to attend a different location or sport. This is only for families who missed a week they signed up and paid for. Depending on the product you bought orginally, the price ranges from $0-$7.50 per child for this pass.

  • If you bought an Economy class, makeups are not included but you can purchase one for $7.50.
  • If you bought a Deluxe or Premium class and could not come, you have 7 days from the date of the missed class to order a new date. After that there may be a fee to get a makeup pass.
  • If you already remade a Day Pass once, it is $7.50 to remake it again.

Please note: You may request a pass to attend a different park near you, or a future date or sport at your regular park. If you want to attend additional days that month please contact us to find out how to pay for the other dates.


Click here to order a Makeup Day Pass

Click here to request a credit

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