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Account Credit

Deposits and credits are taken off after the order is processed. If school funds are involved we wait to see how the school is paying first (check PO amounts, look at any delays or unpaid dates, etc).


Deposits that are covering unfunded months or coupons cannot be used until actual funds are in for all months. This could be 60 days after the last class ends!

We will turn a deposit into a credit in most cases when requested, but in a rush they can say "Use My Credit" on a deposit as long as the funds are available for their use.

There are times when you will have an Account Credit showing on your status page. This can happen if a class is cancelled, if you overpaid, if you got a referral credit, etc.

If you have a credit, you can use it to pay for any order with the Use My Credit product. Just put it in the cart, type a negative number (e.g. -15) and that amount will be taken off your total. When we process your order the credit will be removed.

In most cases Account Credits cannot be refunded except when EMH Sports cancelled your class and you are not ordering any future classes.


Day Pass Credits

You might also see a Day Pass credit if you had a missed week, bought a Multipack of passes, or for other reasons. A single Day Pass for any date can be ordered at one child per credit. You can also use a pass credit to order a makeup pass for your family if you miss a week you paid for. You can put a negative amount in the cart with Use My Credit, or you can just create a free order if you have enough credit. Contact us for specific instructions if you are not sure how to use your credit.



Deposits are not refundable but they can be used as a credit if they are not being used to cover any purchases. You can apply a deposit same as above, but if you used it to cover school funds or coupon usage and we do not have the actual funds from your school for all months, the deposit must remain on account. This can take up to 60 days after the last day of a sport. Please ask us before you use a deposit so we can clear it for you.

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