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EMH Sports takes Personal Checks and Money Orders if mailed at least a week before your class date. It takes time to process a check and clear your account, so please mail it early and consider possible postal delays and holidays. We must receive your check before the first day of class or a late fee will be required.

Please check your status page online before coming to the park to make sure we have received your payment. We do not allow payments at the park, and a participation fee will be collected if you try to pay the coach.  Any overage will be credited, minus late fees, when your check arrives. 

To avoid hassles at the park, you can make a deposit so that your kids can be cleared to play in the event of a delay. If your check is late more than once a deposit may be required.

Read More About Deposits


Please mail checks to our main office, clearly marked with your order number and/or other purpose in the memo.

EMH Sports USA

P.O. Box 892491

Temecula, CA 92589

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