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Wishlist Instructions


We have an interest list forming for various areas. If you would like to be added to any of our lists, please create your user account or log in, create student files, and subscribe to the park. Click on the blue class title to go to the class page and then click on the orange "subscribe" button.

You may also contact us with ideas for new locations. Please note however, a new location must have 20+ consistent students before classes can commence.

Thank you for your interest in our program. If the class you wish to attend is not yet active, please follow these steps to get on our "wishlist." You will be notified of any updates via email, so please check your spam filters to make sure you are able to receive notices.

  1. Create a user account, or log in if you already have one. Please do not create more than one account per family! This gives us your contact information.
  2. Add a student record for each child. These records will be found under your account on the "My Students" tab. This tells us how many kids you have and their ages for our wishlist. We use these records to count heads.
  3. Sign an AP form for each child. This is required before they can participate. We only need one per child per year. This tells us you are ready to go. We count kids with AP forms at a much higher interest level than kids without them.
  4. Subscribe to the class. Go to our class list. Near the title of each class you will see "Subscribe to this Location." Click on that to show us that you are interested in that class and to get email notices. You can also see a map and a sports schedule (if available) on the full class page (Click on the blue class name to go to the class page). You may subscribe to any classes you wish. You can unsubscribe the same way. All subscribed classes will show up on My Classes. *Only logged in users can see this link!

Most locations have a 20 student minimum in order to start sessions. Until we have 20 students on our wishlist we will keep the class at "Wishlist" status. Please make sure you added all of your students so that we can have an accurate headcount for each grade level!

Once we have 20 names, the class moves to "Active" status, which means we start taking orders for the upcoming sport. That sport will only begin if we get enough students to sign up. Otherwise we will try again next month.


In the meantime, if there is another class in your area that you would like to attend, you may sign up for that class, and your registration will be switched over at no charge when the new location starts.

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