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EMH Sports is happy to add your preschoolers to our sports classes. However, in most cases they will be mixed in with older age groups unless we have enough preschoolers to form a separate team. For this reason we have additional guidelines for parents.

Please make sure you understand and agree to our additional safety guidelines, as follows...


  • All preschoolers must be at least 3 years old. Please do not try to enroll a younger child or ask for special permission. In the month your child turns 3, your child may participate. If your child is small, shy, easily distracted, not that willing to participate, etc, please consider waiting longer before you enroll them. We do sell One Day Passes so your young child can try out various sports.  If it is clearly not working out, you need to contact us right away so we can edit your order and just charge you the Trial Class price for dates held.
  • Parents with preschoolers must stay at the park and be visible to the coach at all times.  Please introduce yourself and show the coach where you are. Sometimes we have a sub, so please be aware of that as well. You must be able to watch your child, and if they wander off please bring them back to the class. Their coach will not be able to leave their group to assist you. There are no drop offs for this age group, and even if you have other children to tend to, please do not leave the area.  If you send your child with another parent, they must follow these guidelines as if the child were their own!
  • Older students may be participating on the same team or in the same field area as your child. We will modify our rules and team breakouts as necessary, but your child could get injured more easily due to his/her size. Please watch your child and others around the sports area. If you have any concern at all about safety, please alert the coach, come on the field to help, or remove your child from the field. If your child needs help to participate, you can come on to the field. If your child cannot focus or stay safe, you MUST come on the field.

Thank you!

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