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Class Cancellations


If there is adverse weather in your area (rain, wind, heat, smoke) or another issue with a location, we make every attempt to contact parents, coaches, park personnel etc, in order to make a decision about class. Our goal is to hold class if possible, but to keep the safety and comfort of the students in mind as well. Sometimes the decision is out of our hands when we arrive on location. If we decide to cancel, we will post a notice, email everyone who is subscribed, and update our recorded weather hotline.

Cancellation Notices are posted first and will show on this page, your Notice Board, and on your class page as soon as a decision is made to cancel class. Please also check your inbox and also your spam folder to make sure you are getting our emails.

We do hold classes when weather is in the 90s, but will cancel when it reaches 100 or more. Please bring water for each child, and the coach will offer more frequent water breaks as needed.

If it is raining, threatening rain, or it has rained the day before or the day of your class, or if there is another reason why you are concerned about your class day, please check the Cancellation Page on this website or call our pre-recorded Cancellation Hotline phone number 951-541-0187 on the day of class before coming to the park.
***Note: The Cancellation Hotline is for outgoing messages only - please use our regular business line if you need to talk to us. If you cannot reach us please be patient, as we are likely already aware and trying to get information posted.

If you do not see a cancellation posted, that means we have not made a cancellation decision and class is still on. However things could change at the last minute if the weather changes or the field is closed when we get there. It is our intention to post cancellation notices an hour before class, but that is not always possible. Sometimes the situation changes after that time, or even during class! 


Makeups and Credits:

If a class is cancelled, we might offer a makeup class on a different day, extend a future class length, or offer a credit for the day.

If you cannot attend the makeup date, you may choose to:

  1. order a free makeup pass to a different park or date
  2. request a one day credit to your EMH account

There are buttons on the makeup notice that lets you declare your intent.



***If you decide not to attend on any day and class is held after all, we do not give credit for the missed class. You may choose to buy a makeup pass if you wish to make up your missed class.

Click here to see our complete makeup policy.