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Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our Policies page for any questions not addressed here.

My Account

In the upper right corner by the login, and also on the login page, there are links to reset a password or get a new account. Please DO NOT get a new account if you already have one! Contact our office if you are having trouble. If you just need a password, use the reset link and an email will be sent to you automatically within 5 minutes. If you do not see one, and it is not in spam, we can do a manual reset. We cannot tell you your old password since those are hidden for security reasons.

  • You can manage your individual class/park emails under My Account>My Parks.
  • If you want to stop getting all bulk mail, including rain notices, makeup notices, reminders, promotions, etc, you can click the unsubscribe button on your My Account page.
  • If you want to shut down your account completely, please contact us.

If you are getting a "site not secure" warning, please use this login link...



EMH Sports offers what we deem as "reasonable security" for the level of data we are storing. We do not store unencrypted passwords or collect or store financial information or social security numbers, etc. which is what hackers are usually after. Our financial transactions are handled offsite by secured services, not by our staff. Our server has security protection against hackers, and our users must have permissions and passwords to access your data. 

We also do not expect that our class services and information are of much interest to hackers. They would have to mimic our site or hack our servers or intercept the live transaction of a user in order to gain access to your personal information.

You can consider your data as safe as email, the postal service, phone calls, or other basic forms of communication which people use and trust on a daily basis. If you are using a secure wifi network to log in (not free public unencrypted networks such as libraries, cafes, etc.) and you have a non-obvious password, you can feel at ease that it is very unlikely someone would access your account.

Still, there are always vulnerabilities with any electronic (or physical) information if a person wants it bad enough. Please see this link for reference... https://perezbox.com/2015/07/https-does-not-secure-your-website/

If you want to decrease the risk to your personal information you can do any of the following...

  1. Use a complex password with special characters, numbers, upper and lower case, that does not represent a date or recognizable word or phrase. Change it regularly, and don't use the same password on other sites.
  2. Protect your email account by not clicking on suspicious links or sending passwords, etc, by email, so that hackers cannot get your information that way.
  3. Check all links sent to you by "us" to make sure the website address is www.emhsports.com and the link when you hover over it and the url address in the browser bar is the same.
  4. Use secure wifi for your online browsing. Don't use public wifi which others can easily hack.
  5. If you are still concerned, please contact us for other ideas.

We accept K to 12th grades (5-18 years old) for our classes. We do not currently have classes for preschoolers. Please keep in mind that some young children are more ready to participate in structured classes than others. Also each park and sport may have a different age groupings, depending on enrollment and abilities, and some locations may be more appropriate for a young child. Some sports may also be easier and safer for your younger child than others. If desired, your child can be evaluated by the instructor for participation in that sport. You must stay nearby if your child is younger elementary. In some cases it may be required that you participate with your child.

Some children are better able to focus on an activity than others. However, we cannot accept a child younger than 5. Even at age 5, some children may not be ready for group sports. The final decision lies with our staff, and if we feel that your child is not ready, please wait a few months or wait for a different sport. If you are not sure of your child's readiness, please notify EMH Sports so that arrangements can be made for an evaluation.

A Trial Class or private session may be required in order to have an evaluation.

Each individual sport must be requested, but you may enroll in more than one sport class at a time. Once you are enrolled, an email confirmation will be sent. We ask that if you later decide not to attend a particular class, that you let us know BEFORE IT BEGINS so that we may remove them from the active roster. A cancellation fee may apply if you do not cancel before our enrollment deadline.

If you sign up for a full month, your child must attend that day and location for the duration of that sport. This is because we work off of active attendance rosters for staffing. It is $5 to change an order unless EMH Sports is responsible for the changes to your class.

Some purchases have free makeup options which would allow you to come to a different class if you must miss a date.

Please contact us directly for more details.

To change or cancel your order, please submit a change request. There will be a $5 charge for any changes after your order is processed.

If classes have already started, whether or not you have attended, you will be charged a one day fee for classes held.

We have a "No Refund" policy if you decide to cancel once classes start. You may be able to get a partial credit, but you need to notify us immediately and not wait. The credit amount decreases if several weeks have passed.

Children who excel in a particular sport may be moved to another group more in line with their skills if the instructor agrees. This does not mean, however, that they will remain with the older group for all sports. Our goal is for the children to learn, but to also have fun with others of the same age. Besides getting exercise, they are socializing and learning valuable skills and making new friends. Keep in mind that at many park locations there are only 1 or 2 age groups. We will try and accommodate skills and age levels when appropriate.

In no case can a guest walk up at the park and register without their parent present to pay and sign forms. Coaches cannot give exceptions!

You may bring a visitor to watch a class, but no child will be allowed to participate in class unless they have gone through the full registration procedure.

We offer a trial class online if your friend wants to try out a sport. You or the child's parent can preorder this pass. The cost is more if you try to pay a coach that day.

We also offer a free "Bring a Friend" pass. You may sign up your friend for free if they are new to our program. (Preorders only!)

Although our PE classes focus on homeschooled students, we do accept public school students.

If you wish to attend a single class the enrollment procedure will the same as if you are signing up for a full month. However when you place your order, you may purchase a trial class option for one day. 

We will send you a Day Pass that can be used for a single date and location of your choice. If you decide to sign up for the rest of the month you can return to the site and place a new order.

You are also welcome to come to the park to watch a class at no charge.

We welcome all students to our PE Classes. However, some children may require one-on-one instruction. Please give us a call for an assessment.

Our policy is that payment and a signed permission form (by a parent or a guardian) must be received before any student can attend our classes. If you are not there to sign the forms, we cannot, for legal reasons, allow your child into class. Our coaches do not have the ability to handle registration questions at the park. If you are not present, we have to have someone call the office, verify your permission forms, collect or approve payment, etc.  Please make sure your child is clear to play before sending them to the park.

No. Once we have your child/children’s form on file, it is good for the entire school year. However, if any student information changes during the year, you should contact our office to see if a new form must be submitted.

Regardless of past registration or communication with your school, we will need you to register your children with us in advance on our website for each sports class you want to attend and make sure that your payment and required forms are complete with us before the first class meeting. Payment and registration will not be handled at the park, even if you have evidence of payment from your school. Coaches do not register students, so they are instructed to just collect payment from unregistered students for the one day and then send them home to register properly.

All families will receive an email confirmation from EMH Sports if your registration is complete, and your My Status page will show green flags. Email or verification from your school is not enough, as schools do not register you with us, they only provide a method of payment after classes are ordered and attended.

Please avoid confusion at the park and register with us on our website in advance for each and every class.


There are 4 one-hour class meetings per sport, usually once per week.

Our lesson plans vary for each age group, but for each sport we go over the basic skills and strategies, gradually adding new concepts each week. Only the first portion of the class is spent in lessons, drills, and warm-ups. We also give the students plenty of time to play games.

Our focus is fun, fitness, and friendship! You may read our P.E. Course Descriptions for an overview of each sport.

EMH would prefer that parents don’t leave the park during P.E. classes. PreK children may not be left at the park - you or a responsible parent must be close to your child's team at all times!

If you must leave an older child, please sign the check-out book and be sure to let the EMH instructor know who your child/children are and that you are leaving. It is imperative that you also sign back in before leaving the park. Our instructors have other obligations after class, so your assistance in picking up your child/children on time is greatly appreciated.

EMH provides equipment for each sport. If your child wants to use their own, please make sure their name is on it and that they keep track of it after class. EMH is not responsible for any lost or broken equipment brought to our programs.

EMH lists on the web site holidays in which PE classes are not held. EMH instructs students from dozens of homeschools that take different break times throughout the school year. Therefore, it is not feasible for us to follow any particular schedule.

EMH offers many clinics and camps during the summer months and they are open to all homeschooled, public, and private schooled students.

If it has rained the day before your class or is raining before class starts, please check your park page or the website cancellation page . Notices will be in both places.

In most cases we will try to hold class. In some cases the park will not permit us to play on a wet field and we will be forced to cancel.  EMH will hold PE classes in weather in the 90s, but will postpone classes over 100 degrees. Customer Service and coaches review the weather forecasts the day before a class starts and will notify parents of any changes. Parents are advised to bring a water bottle for their child/children to alll classes, and water breaks are given during the sessions. If the coach feels that the class cannot continue they will cancel class.

If there is to be a makeup class, the park page will list the new day/time and a group email will also be sent. If you cannot attend a scheduled makeup, you can request a free Day Pass to another location.

If you choose not to attend a class due to bad weather, you will not get a credit or free pass unless we cancel class. You will need to purchase a Day Pass to makeup your missed day.


Our pricing varies depending on how many classes you buy, the date that you order, how you are paying, etc.

To attend a single date you can buy a Day Pass

A month of P.E. Classes (4 weeks for each sport) is cheaper than single days. 

We have 3 levels of classes:

We also offer a sibling discountearlybird and bulk order incentives, and a Trial Class. 

Clinics and camps are also available and have variable pricing.

See our Pricing page for more information.

EMH accepts Personal Check (mailed, not dropped off in person), or POs from schools using VCI/EU funds. The EMH website also accepts Pay Pal, which makes it easy to pay with Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Cash is not accepted at the park since our instructors are there to teach and will not be handling enrollment.

If you are using Purchase Orders from your VCI/EU/EMR funds, please make sure your PO’s have your child’s name, park location, and city listed on them. PO’s must be received before each new sport class begins. If we do not receive your PO by the first day of class and you still want to participate, you will be asked to make a deposit.  You may have PO’s sent to us for a semester at a time. If you are having a problem getting your PO’s in before a class starts, please contact us.

For those using private pay, payment is due before the first day of each new sports class unless arrangements are made with our office. If payment is not received, your child will not be on the roster.

You may mail payment to our office, but we cannot accept payments at the park. Our coaches do not have time or authority to handle registration procedures, including accepting funds. Late fees will apply if you do not have your registration issues cleared by the night before class.

You may make online payments with our website using PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account. From the secure PayPal website you can use a Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Click here to make a payment.

You will need to talk with your facilitator and have them forward funding clearance to us with your child’s name, park location, and sport. Of course, you must also have funds available.

If we do not receive approval by NOON on the last business day before class and you still want to remain on the roster, you will need to make a deposit. Deposits are also required if you want to buy single dates or use discounted pricing. Read more...

EMH will work out financial arrangements with parents who have 3 or more children and are paying out-of-pocket. For P.E Classes, click here. For other questions or arrangements, please contact us.

EMH Sports does not offer refunds or partial refunds unless we cancel class. Once your child is enrolled, that space is reserved for your child for the month. If you wish to cancel, please contact us ASAP. There is a minimum cancellation fee of $5, and more for classes that have already started when you cancel.

Once the instruction begins, your payment has reserved the space for that sport class, so no refunds or rollovers are given. You can choose to buy a Makeup Pass if you do not attend a prepaid week, and then you can use that pass for any location or future sport.

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